Creative UserStyles is a blog dedicated on sharing some of the userstyles I create for my personal use. PLAY with them and follow the blog updates for other cool userstyles related stuff.


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Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Adriano Monecchi, an Art Director/Digital Creative Designer based in Belo Horizonte city in Brazil. You can find me on Twitter.

Creative UserStyles is a blog dedicated on sharing some of the user styles I create for personal use. Here you may find good bits and tips to tweak the interface design and enhance your experience of using some known web apps such as Gmail, Facebook etc. I invite you to play with some of them and to follow the blog updates for other cool user style related stuff.

Since the majority of the web apps we use on a daily basis are free, we have no control over them, I mean, one cannot just contact Facebook to complain about menu texts being too small or images too big, as they will not even hear to that request, at least not if it is only a few people amongst millions of users requesting the same thing. So, in order to fix some annoyances we may find on these web apps to our liking, we can rely on user styles to overcome ugly design or to completely purge bad approaches to user experience such as sections overloaded by ads, text discrepancies, animation effects and son on.

If you never heard about user style before, the best way to learn about it is to start using it. The web site is the home of thousands of user style sheets to help you "lift up" almost everything. A user style sheet allow you to control how web pages that you visit look. Just like you can add user styles (CSS) to web pages with the Stylish extension on most recent browsers, you can also add user scripts (JavaScript) to web pages with the Greasemonkey extension, and together they can really help you to achieve a completely new experience while using your favorite web site or web app.

If you have any issues regarding the users styles available on the blog, please drop me a line using the contact page or just leave a comment. If you'd like to enhance the code and help to maintain it, please feel free to leave a request on the contact page or under the support forums at web site.

Initially I don't have any plans to turn the blog into a sort of user style repository, however, the blog is aimed to deliver useful information under the users style subject always as possible. I apologize the readers for not answering support requests very often, and although my intention is work on updates from time to time as these web apps evolve, my demands too much of my and for this reason I've got a very short amount of time to come up with regular updates.

Thanks for your attention.

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